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VoIP Equipment & accessories

TELECOM It offers a complete line of affordable IP desktop devices, all, from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with wireless headphones, conference units, attendant consoles, equipos gateways (routeadores), Voice IP ATA adapters.

Our telephone systems cover a wide range of IP phones, consoles, conference phones, and appropriate peripherals for businesses of all sizes and sectors. We also have the best equipment and analog phone gateways for homes (residences).

VoIP Equipment for Home, Place the Company!

  • Delivery and operation of equipment voip 100% and tested to guarantee total customer satisfaction for using equipment in your home, place the company,
  • All activities VoIP equipment installation will be scheduled and carried out by qualified personnel, highly qualified and with our support.

Equipments for Phonecodes

Cost savings and physical infrastructure equipment for residences or businesses in international phone calls to landline and mobile telephone system with IP Voice.

VoIP Equipment

IP phone catalog, equipment or gateways to implement optimum quality VoIP unified communications and infrastructure in minutes Business, homes and / or businesses.

IP phones

We have the widest range of SIP terminals market and our I D It has proven interoperability awareness of each and every one with different IP telephony platforms we work.

IP Phones They are most commonly used in professional environments. There is a complete range of IP telephony covering from basic terminals with a line and a network port to the high-end Bluetooth, color display, PoE power and managing multiple lines. TELECOM has IP phones from leading manufacturers: Cisco, Grandstream, Digium, Yealink, Snom…


Gateway equipment

The communications gateways can transform to IP telephony networks traditional telecommunications: analog lines, digital (basic and primary accesses) y GSM. There is a wide range of possibilities from ATAs 1 only port until gateways high density.

Los gateways IP They are best used in local environments and homes. There is a complete range of gateways devices are a powerful and flexible hardware solution to connect (1, 2, 4, 8) GSM channels or lines, PSTN to any VoIP system based on SIP. TELECOM It has IP gateways from leading manufacturers: Cisco, Grandstream, Digium, Yealink, OpenVox, Snom…

ATA Adapter IP Voice

The ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) are boxes where analog phones are plugged on one hand and on the other a exthernet connection that join the Internet. These boxes provide VoIP normal phones. The main advantage is that they can use regular phones, including wireless.

The ATA Analog Adapters They are most often used in environments that do not have homes VoIP. There is a full range of analog adapters (Linksys, SPA) which they are a flexible hardware for connecting ordinary telephones and transform them into voice signal ip. TELECOM It has IP gateways from leading manufacturers: Cisco, Grandstream, Digium, Yealink, OpenVox, Snom…


IP Terminals Accessories

The Voip Accessories They are used to complement IP phone service (auticulares or helmets). We help you find the perfect accessory for your phone you need. the type of connector you should consider, It will be monaural binaural, wireless or wired, etc. Be guided by our professionals.

The VoIP headsets or helmets They are most often used in call centers for customer service. There is an extensive range of helmets for both professional use and for domestic use with high quality finishes and the latest audio technology for maximum quality and comfort. TELECOM IP has leading brands accessories: Polycom, Aastra, Alcatel, Plantronics, Siemens Gigaset…

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    We partner with the best suppliers in the market, in order to provide the best solution for your home VoIP equipment, local company or a guaranteed competitive price and quality.

  • leading manufacturers

    We are proud to work with many leading hardware manufacturers of VoIP communications worldwide and we are confident that we have the right solution for you.

  • certified experts

    We endorse by our staff of certified experts in a wide variety of platforms, ensuring you receive customer service and professional advice.

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