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NOC Monitoring and Management

It is a service charge monitor, maintain and troubleshoot networks telecommunications company to prevent possible incidents and ensure a timely response; and a support capable of holding the impact and restore the network to 100% in the shortest possible time.

Network Service (NIGHT) TELECOM It is the ideal solution for any size, infrastructure and type of company interested in maintaining proper supervision of their telecommunications networks without having to face large costs of technological investment and human capital.

No More Interrumpciones Network!

  • remote monitoring, in real time, networking, servidores, computers, printers, services, Applications, databases, etc. con TELECOM NOC,
  • Visibility, control and monitoring in real time the behavior of their users for their safety and productivity.

Monitoring and Management

NOC control network helps solve management problems, supervision, monitoring, information about networks and IT infrastructure helping companies break the vicious circle of failure.

Network system (NIGHT)

personalized comprehensive solution of the best monitoring tools, optimization and IP network management, servidores, computing, databases, Applications and Security.


Manage your business and allow monitoring services (NIGHT) in our hands

We offer a complete and integrated solution for managing the computing experience of its customers in full , react quickly before your needs and provide support, helping to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention and expand their business and capacity without increasing staff or invest in infrastructure.

  • Visibility and real-time monitoring

    continuous monitoring 24 x 7 events of each client, IT infrastructure and network equipment company.

  • Exposure and brand building

    Expand your brand and services transparently, strengthening its presence as a trusted software provider for its customers.

  • Synchronization and resource optimization

    Efficiency visibility 100% and return ticket where our service operates as a seamless extension of your technical staff.


multiple Functionalities

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Remote network monitoring and real-time, servidores, computers, printers, services, Applications, databases, etc.

  • Alerts & Tickets

    Sending instant alerts and open tickets by level of criticality incident presented and reported by customers.

  • Remedial Incident

    Registration and personalized tracking of incidents for a quick resolution of the requirement by level of criticality.

  • Management Tools

    Integration of automation tools for monitoring, remediation, Ticket tracking and remote support included.

  • Service management

    absolute visibility of the effectiveness and quality of service and computer network, using performance indicators in real time.

  • Desktop Support

    Instant communication with your help center: freephone, email, chat online, tickets or by accessing its website.

  • Manage and monitor real-time IT infrastructure.

  • Identify potential problems and fix them quickly.

  • Assigning and coordinating and monitoring engineers.

  • Provide information to users and automate procedures.

Our engineers become an extension of your IT department, freeing your IT staff so they can focus on other projects.


Optimize your resources and allow monitoring services (NIGHT) in our hands

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