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Voice messages

This solution mass message delivery voice lets you contacted in a few minutes with thousands of customers and prospects through a voice call 100% automated to provide a special offer, promote products or services, Appointment, collection notices, epeciales events, etc.

Messaging Service (VOICE) TELECOM, massive or personal, They allow you to maintain a direct communication, allowing shipments voice messages to multiple users simultaneously form, quickly and automatically when your company you want and / or need service.

Farewell to the working hours Marking!

  • Send to customers and prospects personalized voice messages to promote advertising or information campaigns with reports and statistics in real time,
  • No software installation required, or hire an additional phone line. Pay only for answered calls or messages sent.

Calls for Campaign

Engage prospects or Create loyal customers with corporate messages, advertising or information on the activities of your company or service campaigns using VoIP IVR Massively.

Massively IVR

Voice messaging (IVR) mass and automatically to multiple fully customized and adaptable to the needs of your business target and campaign effectiveness.


A powerful tool for telemarketing, promotion and dissemination of business

Voice messaging (IVR) massive multiple customized and automated recipients as required and / or your business priorities: promotion, ad, survey information or product or service. At the end, the system delivers detailed reports of their campaign with this dialer…

  • Creating campaigns 100% simple and fast

    Add audio messages pre-recorded, assign contact list and schedule audio broadcast (Answered or unanswered).

  • programmable shipments, date and time

    Select the day and time of delivery of the voice message, Set the redial and strengthen texting.

  • Report campaign results

    Detailed report of calls answered, rejected, occupied, not available and graphical statistics responses.

  • Promotional calls

  • Event notifications

  • Surveys of Services

  • Appointment

  • Alert Collections and Payments

  • Answering messages

  • To attract customers

    * Ideal for debugging database of customers and prospects.
    * Detects whether a human or machine answers and existence of number.
    * Increase sales with sending promotional audios.
    * Increases the number of people interested in your product.

  • For business use ...

    * Voice messages to landlines or mobile phones and contact customers.
    * Direct customer communication and save time and money.
    * after-sales tracking service or product your company.
    * Remind customers payments, other, movements, events, etc.

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