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SMS Service

With the SMS service you can plan and schedule Text messages to your customers and prospects to offer specific deals, Confirmation of appointments, schedules special events, payment reminder, sending key or promotions, facilitating sending bulk text messages SMS.

Messaging Service (SMS) TELECOM, massive or personal, They allow you to maintain a direct communication, allowing shipments of text messages to multiple users in an economic way, Fast and programmable to when your company you want and / or need service.

Let More People Know Your Business!

  • Send to customers and prospects personalized text messages to promote advertising or information campaigns with reports and statistics in real time,
  • Facilitate the efforts of mass communication and marketing strategies of your company with the courier service voip.

For Messaging Service

Engage prospects or Create loyal customers with corporate messages, advertising or information campaigns on the activities of your company or services using VoIP technology.

Massive SMS

Sending text messages (SMS) or voice massively multiple completely customized and adaptable to virtual telephony voip recipients according to their business conditions.

CONTACT, Create loyal and surprise customers and prospects

A quick way, simple, economic and personalized to spread your company

Sending text messages (SMS) or voice individually or in bulk to multiple recipients fully customized according to the needs and / or your business priorities: promotion, advertisement or information you want to convey. You can send SMS importing a database or including numbers one by one…

  • Personalized sender shipments

    Haulage activate SMS contacts available in your database with recipient and personalized messages.

  • programmable shipments, date and time

    Schedule time (Time and Date) SMS delivery campaign for your company or SME customers and prospects.

  • Shipments SMS from anywhere

    Delivering mass text messages from the panel with customized SMS senders and delivery confirmation.


Individual SMS

Send messages (SMS) individually daily to national and international mobile by a special cost.

Bulk SMS

SMS messages to multiple concurrent users and acknowledgment of these in your private web and email.

SMS bonds

SMS bonds for mass mailings with special rates recommended by the amount of messages sent.

SMS notification

With SMS service provides delivery confirmation reports sent messages to their senders.

  • SME and Entrepreneurship

    * Increases sales by sending promotional messages.
    * Increases the number of people to know Your Business.

  • For businesses, Hotels, Banks...

    * Track after-sales service or product your company.
    * Remind customers compliance payments, other, movements, etc.

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