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Central Telefónica IP

It is an advanced IP telephony system to manage internal or external communication of your company. This aimed at those SMEs, Call Center, banking institutions, etc.; whose primary need is to generate high volume calls saving more than 70% conventional telephony costs.

TELECOM He has developed this service PBX in order to eliminate barriers to access that exist when necessary physical infrastructure available to provide services Contact Center / Call Center (inbound y outbound calls) for optimum customer care and professional.

Solution for Your Business Profitable!

  • Create phone menus, Call schedules, waiting queues, music, free calls between extensions, control agents, recordings and much more…,
  • No physical infrastructure. Your PBX will be hosted on our servers and will have a web portal to configure it according as required.

For businesses

Be more efficient business operations with optimal service Internet Telecommunications. Allow your customers to communicate with any area of ​​your business and access their services!

Callcenter solutions

Replace your traditional telephone system services Call Center / PBX installation including control software agents, activation campaigns incoming - outgoing, in line, etc.

multiple Functionalities

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Real-time access, reports and detailed reports on all activity of calls through the PBX.

  • Control Agents

    Access to the administration and operation of the control unit to the profile set: Agent, Supervisor, Admininistrador.

  • Extensiones PBX

    Department or branch organization and allocation of telephone extensions to the needs of the company.

  • Campaign management

    Campaign Management, forms and arguments for work and maximize agent productivity.

  • Automatic messages

    Welcome locutions, messages waiting, promotional, melodies. Customization by size and playback time.

  • Auto Attendant

    Calls will be answered by an auto attendant that will divert the required department or extension.

  • calling / Voicemail

    Unlimited calls and voice messages, therefore as generic extension. simple and quick access to listen to messages.

  • Intelligent detours

    Transfers and call forwarding to internal extensions and external numbers (mobile or fixed) as an extension…

  • Day and Night mode

    Choose the behavior of your PBX voip by time of day, holiday periods, scheduled meetings, etc…

For Call Center Agents

Controls the activities of your company, active campaigns of your services and manages customer (24 hours - 7 days) using the internet service by viruales switchboards IPPBX or VoIP devices.

Dedicated servers

Maintenance and rental (rental) dedicated servers / Callcenter VPS and install any software to manage service call center (Goautodial, Vicidial, Elastix, Asterisk, Issabel ...)

Switchboard operation TELECOM

Central Telefonica Telecom PBX unifies all calls on a physical server installed in your company. Incoming calls will go through the smart detour to the right person or department. For outgoing calls, the control unit directs the selected line previously by the customer with the aim of save on cost.

Take advantage of our bonds and save $ With our rates

Our bonds are set to offer maximum profitability to your company, according to their characteristics and needs, and reap the benefits of VoIP calls. You will find the option that best fits your consumption of minutes or may set up a bond measure, number of extensions and number of simultaneous calls you want. further, you can add extra features at any rate at very competitive prices.

  • Personalized greetings

    The caller will hear a phone menu options to communicate with the departments or services of your company.

  • single phone number calls

    operators / agents made calls with the same number to customers and prospects your company.

  • Ideal for business and work from home

    Recommended solution for callcenter, telesecretarias, coworking… They are working with massive telephone communications.



Unify your business communications and save on calls and infrastructure costs

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