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Virtual numbers

It is a service that lets you receive calls to a telephone number associated with a national or international geographical prefix concrete, and that forwards the call to your phone, Anywhere in the world. A) Yes, You can receive calls on any of their landlines or mobile, wherever you are.

Virtual numbers (DID) TELECOM, fixed or free, They allow you to create a truly global presence for your company. Offer your customers a local contact number to call from anywhere in the world it magnifies the image and confidence of your company.

Never Again Pay Per Minute Charges!

  • Forward DID numbers to your own phone VoIP system (The use her PBX TELECOM FREE) for just a small monthly fee,
  • DID redirect the new number to your own mobile or landline, saving up 90% on long distance calls.

Coverage and Care for

customers, suppliers and employees will have the convenience of being able to call a local phone number in your area contact your company even, If you do not have a physical office there.

Virtual number (DID)

Wide range of virtual numbers (DID), free lines (TOLLFREE) and / or corporate numbers over 70 countries with unlimited channels and adaptable to the needs of your business communication.


Attend customers anywhere in the world and increase sales of your company

We offer (DID’s, Toll Free, corporate) in more than 70 countries with unlimited channels and adaptable to their current structure as servers, markers, IPpbx, PBX and / or virtual switchboards. All of our virtual numbers come with free incoming channels and special prices for USA, GLEN, MEXICO, UK, SPAIN…

  • Diversion according times and call filter

    Divert your incoming calls to five phone numbers and filter according to your interest, care of it.

  • Professional phone number calls

    Separate your work life from personal using a single telephone number for customer contact.

  • Ideal for business and work from home

    Recommended alternative for telework and unified communications that do not have a physical office in the country.

  • Personal use only

    * Get a local number when traveling.
    * Forward it to a mobile dialer FREE.
    * Redirect your SIM card number to a travel (HelloSIM).
    * Give family and friends an affordable option for contact.

  • For businesses, CallCenter, Hotels...

    * Give your business a truly global presence.
    * Use with your existing PBX or PBX Telecom (free).
    * Send the call to voicemail, IVR or hunt groups.
    * Redirect the call based on the time line fixed or mobile.

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