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The VoIP telephony It is growing rapidly and is becoming a mainstream technology that is here to stay. Considerable cost savings and advanced settings offering both residential and business users are the main drivers of this market trend.

In TELECOM, We are confident that the successful implementation of a system of Internet telephony (VoIP); not only it depends on choosing the right supplier, but also to have the correct equipment, appropriate interconnection, the ideal configuration and the software that controls everything configured properly.

We work because every customer who comes into the family of Telecom, live a INTEGRAL EXPERIENCE… Have available all you need to call from the comfort of your home, Manage your business from anywhere and / or earn extra money part of OUR TEAM RESELLER.

Y, What is the Integral Experience?…

  • For us CUSTOMERS: a process “all inclusive” which goes from the advisory, Sale, Service delivery until the After Sales Service!!!
  • For us DEALERS: a commercial link “all inclusive” that goes from Entry until Cost effectiveness by joining our Partners Team!!!

Why Be Distributor Telecom?

TELECOM S.L. is constantly looking for distributors / resellers in order to expand our channel IP telephony services in different geographic locations worldwide through RESALE minutes and VoIP services.

If you are looking for a source of extra income working independently – whenever and however – even from the comfort of your home; TELECOM work as Partner reselling our Internet telephony minutes with the best PLAN RESELLER and large margin of profits. Take full advantage and backed by a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications SIP.


How to be Reseller Telecom?

Register through the specific form distributors agents. You will receive in your mail all relevant information to register. And once received the requested documentation, We will send their keys so you can access the Reseller Panel on TelecomSinLimites.net

Once you have entered the online reseller panel you can begin to enlist customers, establish fees and be a recurring fee for the entire period that guests enjoy services TELECOM. Since its distributor panel you can manage your customer base easily and simple.

Our sales team will be at your disposal for any information or queries you need about the benefits of working with us and support necessary to ensure the operation of the service. Telecom we are a team and you will notice that closeness at all times. Join now or request information.

Become Voip reseller and Earn Extra Cash

Join our team of distributors (Resellers) and take all the advantages offered by TELECOM to generate extra income independently and autonomously, while offering communications solutions to businesses and individuals backed by a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of VoIP.

  • white label with your logo

    Sales Portal Web with your corporate logo.

  • monthly fees

    Margin (%) sales gain balance.

  • High of VoIP customers

    Customer login panel sales.

  • configurable prices

    Edit sales price rate.

  • nonexclusive

    Independence to work with another provider.

  • high profitability

    No high investment costs for the distributor.

  • without permanence

    Both the dealer and the customer.

  • Customer Management

    Customer Control, balance, charges and rates.


Does joining the Team?… It is a pleasure to help

Leave your message below and one of our consultants will contact you.

We have everything your home or business needs in VoIP solutions…


VoIP Telecom provides telecommunications solutions for individuals and / or companies, increasing the productivity of their activities saving time and money…

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