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Integral customer experience

TELECOM It offers a wide range of services related to IP Telephony, for both residential use, as for business use. We offer the necessary advice to provide the best plan or plans of minutes and / or implementation of VoIP infrastructure optimally and adequate.

and Telecom, We are confident that the successful implementation of a system of Internet telephony (VoIP); not only it depends on choosing the right supplier, but also to have the correct equipment, appropriate interconnection, the ideal configuration and the software that controls everything configured properly.

We work because every customer who comes into the family of Telecom, live a INTEGRAL EXPERIENCE… Have available all you need to call from the comfort of your home, Manage your business from anywhere and / or earn extra money part of OUR TEAM RESELLER.

Y, What is the Integral Experience?… From a process “all inclusive” which goes from the advisory to Service delivery!!!


To Phone Calls

Communicate with friends s, friends and partners anywhere in the world without excessive costs in telephone form is now possible. Weather, distance saves money and this service VoIP.

Plans and VoIP Rates

VoIP minutes for homes, companies and businesses that wish to communicate to fixed and mobile numbers anywhere in the world with the best prices, plans and market rates.

Coverage and Care for

customers, suppliers and employees will have the convenience of being able to call a local phone number in your area contact your company even, If you do not have a physical office there.

Virtual number (DID)

Wide range of virtual numbers (DID), free lines (TOLLFREE) and / or corporate numbers over 70 countries with unlimited channels and adaptable to the needs of your business communication.

For businesses

Be more efficient business operations with optimal service Internet Telecommunications. Allow your customers to communicate with any area of ​​your business and access their services!

Callcenter solutions

Replace your traditional telephone system services Call Center / PBX installation including control software agents, activation campaigns incoming - outgoing, in line, etc.

For Call Center Agents

Monitor business activities and manage customer (24 hours - 7 days) using the internet service by viruales switchboards IPPBX or VoIP devices.

Dedicated servers

Maintenance and rental (rental) dedicated servers / Callcenter VPS and install any software to manage service call center (Goautodial, Vicidial, Elastix, Asterisk, Issabel ...)

Equipments for Phonecodes

Cost savings and physical infrastructure equipment for residences or businesses in international phone calls to landline and mobile telephone system with IP Voice.

VoIP Equipment

IP phone catalog, equipment or gateways to implement optimum quality VoIP unified communications and infrastructure in minutes Business, homes and / or businesses.

For Messaging Service

Engage prospects or Create loyal customers with corporate messages, advertising or information campaigns on the activities of your company or services using VoIP technology.

Massive SMS

Sending text messages (SMS) or voice massively multiple completely customized and adaptable to virtual telephony voip recipients according to their business conditions.

Calls for Campaign

Engage prospects or Create loyal customers with corporate messages, advertising or information on the activities of your company or service campaigns using VoIP IVR Massively.

Massively IVR

Voice messaging (IVR) mass and automatically to multiple fully customized and adaptable to the needs of your business target and campaign effectiveness.

Monitoring and Management

NOC control network helps solve management problems, supervision, monitoring, information about networks and IT infrastructure helping companies break the vicious circle of failure.

Network system (NIGHT)

personalized comprehensive solution of the best monitoring tools, optimization and IP network management, servidores, computing, databases, Applications and Security.

to TELECOM your Satisfaction It is our priority

We try to make our services a pleasant experience for your home, business or enterprise incorporating your needs VoIP telecommunication solutions, combined with personalized service, a team of specialized work, professional technical support and high quality customer service. Meet our team TELECOM.


Personalized attention:

We have a team of appropriately qualified and specialized professionals in your area to personally advise and guide you in each of your requirements you need for your business, home or business.


Technical support:

Each of the services and products Telecom have the continuous support of our technical staff to assist them in real time on the problems or concerns that arise during the service.

Any questions?… It is a pleasure to help

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